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A call for action on the Alberta Disaster Recovery Program from the Town of High River
The Report
The Town of High River DRP Advocacy Committee represents personal and community experience that substantiates our role as advocates as to how the delivery of DRP could be improved. There is a great deal of passion driving the recommendation to review the entire DRP process to ensure no community would ever have to deal with these same issues again. While it is important that a review take place, our first priority is that the outstanding claims and appeals of High River need to be addressed. The committee’s immediate requests are:

Finish the Job by resolving:

  • All outstanding files by June 20, 2016
  • All appeals by December 31, 2016
Further, that all necessary efforts are undertaken to ensure this process is brought to completion with all appropriate respect and compassion for the victims of the High River flood.

Fix the System

The DRPAC asks that the Government of Alberta commit to complete a thorough, external review of the DRP as it has been conducted in High River and other communities in order to facilitate a redevelopment of this program to address the significant program failures experienced in response to the 2013 High River flood.
As a result of the work of the DRPAC, progress has been made and improvements have been achieved. Unfortunately, the progress occurs only in those areas where consistent pressure is applied. Though DRP administration states it is willing to work toward improvement, real changes are only made when the DRPAC acts like a watchdog and maintains pressure to keep the changes in place.

Through its efforts, the DRPAC has helped achieve numerous regulatory changes and process improvements, including:
Some changes have been adopted in the categorization and tracking of applicant files Changes to DRP policies including: - Older/Vintage Home Policy to respond to unique circumstances
- More funding for residential applicants with sub-limits on their sewer back-up insurance coverage
- More funding for small businessIncreased the multiplier for household damage calculations to reflect local costs
The deadline for applying to the DRP for the 2013 Floods has been eliminated in circumstances where it was unfair
Increased monetary authorization amounts within DRP to allow for quicker processingAdvances to applicants have increased from 50 per cent to 90 per cent Adoption of a “caseworker model” for business applications and the appeal processLimited improvement in the establishment of a “service oriented” and empathic approach during applicant interactions Established collaborative relationships to expedite critical filesSupported Town community outreach workers who offered workshops to teach residents how to apply, review and appeal their claims Modest improvement to the Rebuild Rate from 1.1 to 1.14Requested improvements in communication especially for applicants, to ensure that all cheques include a Turnaround (TA) statement. These statements provide details for the payment issued.default_title
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