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A call for action on the Alberta Disaster Recovery Program from the Town of High River
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Disaster Recovery Program Advocacy Committee

For Immediate Release

High River, Alberta
January 26, 2016

Town of High River calls on Provincial Government to Finish Job, Fix Disaster Recovery Program as Third Anniversary of Flood Approaches

The Town of High River Council is calling for the Alberta Government to fix the Disaster Recovery Program and complete files as the third anniversary of the flood quickly approaches.

A report released today details numerous failings of the DRP’s response to the June 2013 High River Flood. It calls on the Province to resolve the remaining outstanding issues and fix the system to spare other Albertans from the same delays, frustrations and suffering.

The report, produced by the High River Disaster Recovery Program Advocacy Committee (DRPAC) on behalf of Town Council, details a series of systemic failings with the DRP as well as a list of almost 60 specific recommendations for improvement.

The report was developed in response to past unfulfilled Government commitments to resolve the problems as well as the fact that approximately 450 files from the 2013 flood are still open or under appeal in Southern Alberta.

“There have been successes and improvements, but there are still problems with the DRP,” says DRPAC Chair Jim Ross. “We want the people of Alberta to be aware of these problems so the Government will be motivated to fix a broken system. An effective DRP is critically important to all Albertans.

Ross says a meeting with the Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee earlier this month was positive.

“Our government is making good progress on improving the Disaster Recovery Program as we work to close all remaining files,” said Minister Larivee on Monday. “I’d like to thank the High River Disaster Recovery Program Advocacy Committee for their valuable work in this report. I am reviewing the recommendations and look forward to continuing to work with DRPAC to improve and reform the Disaster Recovery Program.”

For more information call:

Jim Ross, DRPAC Chair
(403) 540-6873

Bruce Masterman, High River Town Council Representative, DRPAC
(403) 601-5795
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