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A call for action on the Alberta Disaster Recovery Program from the Town of High River
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DRPAC Members

Jim Ross, Chair

Bruce Masterman

Debra Smith
Tom Dutton

About the DRPAC

In November 2013, volunteers approached the Council of the Town of High River and offered to create the Disaster Recovery Program Advocacy Committee (DRPAC). It had become evident that the DRP process was so frustrating and complex that many applicants were unable to advocate on their own behalf.

The following mandate was approved for the DRPAC by the Council of the Town of High River:
  • Advocate for, coordinate, assist and support residents and businesses in their efforts to obtain funding from the various funding agencies, including the DRP.
  • Provide information and communication for the general public on DRP procedures, and work on individual solutions.
The committee was also tasked to report to Town Council and Administration and identify process improvements, gaps and issues to streamline High River’s recovery.
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