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A call for action on the Alberta Disaster Recovery Program from the Town of High River
The Ask
As we approach the third anniversary of the June 2013 High River flood, the Disaster Recover Program Action Committee has approached Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs Danielle Larivee with two very specific requests.

Number One: Finish the Job

The DRPAC asks that the Government of Alberta take the necessary steps to expedite completion of all outstanding files by June 20, 2016 and that all outstanding appeals be closed by December 31, 2016. Further, that all necessary efforts be undertaken to ensure this process is brought to completion with appropriate respect and compassion for the victims of the High River flood.

Number Two: Fix the System

The DRPAC asks that the Government of Alberta commit to complete a thorough and open review of the DRP as it has been conducted in High River and other communities in order to facilitate a redevelopment of this program to address the significant program failures experienced in response to the 2013 High River flood. The review should include consultation with external parties including municipalities.

The Minister has indicated that her department is working toward resolution of both of these requests. Despite such assurances in the past, progress has been slow.

We are taking the current initiative in order to make Albertans aware of the challenges still facing High River residents almost three years after the flood, and to raise awareness of how critically important a fair, effective Disaster Recover Program is for all Albertans.

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